Matthew N. Pope, P.C.

A Columbus, Georgia native, Matt started his own practice in 2001, exclusively representing injury victims statewide.

Medical Malpractice

Let Pope Law Fight For You

  Almost 75,000 people die annually because of medical errors. These are human lives that could have been saved. Pope Law is here to fight against the medical practices that are negligent. Medical mistakes cost human lives. Pope Law wants to stop this from happening

  If you’ve been hurt or injured in anyway from a medical malpractice, don’t hesitate to call Pope Law. We will sit down with you and offer a complete and thorough review of your case. We offer trust and honesty in our consultations. We promise to work hard for you and your case. No one should be made to suffer because of someone else’s mistakes.

   Pope Law’s review of your case will be thorough. We take a deep look into your case and look for specifics. We ensure that the hospital or health care provider had a clear duty to deliver a standard of healthcare that was not met. Once we are able to show this, we then show how that breach of trust was broken and caused an injury to our defendant.That is how we defend you. We defend through hard work, research, and diligence.

   It’s vital that you don’t wait to file a medical malpractice case. There can be time limits on how long you have to file a case. After that time period, you could be out of thousands of dollars and left with a crumbling mountain of debt. Don’t let yourself be caught under the weight of both debt and injuries . Call Pope Law today! We promise to work hard for you. Let us earn your trust through earning your confidence.

  Call today! Let us review your case and show you the result Pope Law can deliver to you!