Matthew N. Pope, P.C.

A Columbus, Georgia native, Matt started his own practice in 2001, exclusively representing injury victims statewide.

Insurance Lawsuits

Let Matt Pope Ensure the Insurance Companies Don’t Under Compensate You

  The purpose of insurance is to cover most of the payments and compensations that may occur as a result of any accident. In the case of a personal injury, if a proper settlement is not offered from the side at-fault then the insurance companies are bound to step in so that the victim may be saved from the trouble. In many cases, the insurance companies are targeted by the lawyer. This is because companies ignore the fact that their client needs some fair amount of resources as a result of accident. So. lawyers are often found suing insurance companies.

Matt Pope Helps You to Understand the Difficult Regulations

  Understanding Insurance rules and regulations can be difficult to anyone. In order to understand the insurance company policies, an expert’s guidance is sometimes required. Most people getting the services from insurance companies don’t understand the fact that when these insurance companies have to pay for their expenditures, it cuts the insurance company’s profits. The less the insurance company has to pay you the more their profit will be. So, there is a possibility that the insurance firm may deny the claim which is filed by the client. Don’t let them deny you the compensation you deserve !


  In many cases the insurance companies offer settlements to their clients which are way less than they are obligated to pay. Many clients are ignorant of these insurance policies so they happily accept such terms and agree on settlement. No one in this world wants to be denied less than what it rightfully theirs. That’s a fact. Same is the scenario when it comes to insurance disputes in Columbus, Georgia. These companies frighten their clients after eating up all their money and force them to take what is placed on the table. Such companies have very large resources at their disposal that keep their clients in fear from their actions. Pope Law provides expert services lead by a professional lawyer specially trained for dealing with insurance disputes.

Matt Pope Uses the Law To Help Defend You

  Law is the most powerful and authorized tool of any area. No one can deny its importance as it is equal to all. Our extremely efficient lawyers at Pope Law can easily handle such cases of insurance disputes. Usuall,y when an insurance firm is sued, it is possible that they may attack you with a full army of lawyers. Insurance companies can be ruthless and they don’t have any feelings for their clients. But we at Pope Law have completely pure and transparent feelings for our clients. It runs on the purpose of serving its clients with the best it has got.

Choose Pope Law and Let Us Represent You Today

  Once you have made your choice of letting us represent you in the court room then you don’t have to worry. Our trained lawyers dealing with some big shot insurance company is ordinary routine work. We have a promising history of victories in all our insurance disputes. You need a strong force behind you if you are going for any insurance firm. We are the force for you. We serve our clients with passion. So quit planning or worrying. Hire a lawyer from Pope Law . We will be obliged to be at your service.

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