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A Columbus, Georgia native, Matt started his own practice in 2001, exclusively representing injury victims statewide.

Defective Medications

   Though the world of medicine has developed and improved to a great extent but still there are chances of misuse of the medical drugs in the form of defective medical prescription. A defective medical prescription can be made due to the negligence of that doctor or the person who is in charge of writing prescriptions and assigning medications according to the ailments of the patients. Sometimes the medicines can become harmful for the patients not because these are not correctly suggested by the physician but because the medicine itself is defective.

   In any such case, the life of the patient becomes at stake because some of the medicines are so strong that they instantly enter the blood stream of the patient and in this way can cause magnificent damages. This happens sometimes that a wrong medicine is recommended by the pharmacist. The reason for doing that could be multiple. Maybe the patient is an addict to that drug or maybe he is in bad state and in order to make him feel better, the wrong medicine in the form of drug is usually prescribed. No matter what is the case, these defective medical prescriptions can result in some irreparable and irreversible loses in life of patients.

   Matt Pope Law Consultants deal with defectively prescribed cases all the time. A small irresponsible behavior from the other side may result in a complete loss of the patient’s abilities. Our veteran lawyers are capable of delivering one hundred percent success rate when any such case is placed in their hands. There are drugs which have been investigated by FDA and are considered dangerous based on their side effects. Such medicines still exist in the market. Moreover, there are many drug manufacturers or whole sale dealers who are involved in production of defective medicines.

   We care about your life so when it comes to defective medications, Matt Pope law firm brings such kinds of people behind the bars of law all the time- for us it is not a problem to get a client a fair settlement offer. If the case goes to trial then the tigers of this firm take action and we completely understand the product liability law which extends to lawsuits concerning defective medicine manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. There are some cases when even the drug approved by FDA causes remarkable harm to patent’s life.This can be due to improper notification on warnings on the usage of the drugs by the manufacturer. We can help you in such cases too.

   With us you don’t have to be afraid to go in the courts against the big manufacturers or industrialist as we completely know how to get a hold of them. If you have been a victim of such a drug abuse or a defective prescribed medicine then don’t sit at home regretting what has happened to you as we are always waiting for our dear clients to get them out of the trouble when they need it the most. Matt Pope Law Consultancy aims to be the best support for its victimized clients when they need it the most.

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