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Child Custody/Child Support & Modification in the State of Georgia

Child custody, child support, and modification in the terms of paying or receiving support are very sensitive issues. These terms are not permanent and can be changed depending upon circumstances and the financial condition of the parents. If there is a change in the circumstances of either parent of a child, he or she can request for a modification in child support in the state of Georgia. In most of the cases, this modification pertains to a change in the amount of money that one pays or receives in the name of child support. This modification can also be requested by a parent when there has been a dramatic change in the circumstances of the other parent.

Lots of reasons for requesting modification of child support

The laws of child custody and support are slightly different in different states of the country. As far as Georgia is concerned, there are many reasons on account of which a parent can request a court to reconsider child support. However, the burden of proof lies entirely upon the petitioning parent as to why a modification in child support should be effected. The following is a tentative list of reasons on account of which a court can consider request for modification of child support.

Make sure you hire an attorney to make your petition strong

The money for child support can be modified upward or downward depending upon the request of the petitioner and only when he or she is able to convince the judge about changed circumstances. It is no use to come to an agreement verbally with your spouse as it is essential to obtain an order to this effect from the court. Before filing a petition for modification of child support in the court, it is prudent to discuss your case with an experienced attorney in Georgia. At Matt Pope Law Firm, we will help you in submitting all the necessary documents that prove a change in your circumstances.

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