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A Columbus, Georgia native, Matt started his own practice in 2001, exclusively representing injury victims statewide.

Auto Accidents

Injured From an Auto Accident? Let Matt Pope Take Care Of You!

 In today’s world, a very large number accidents are found on the roads of Columbus. These are due to the increasing traffic along with many other factors. The important thing to worry about isn’t the accident but what is going to take place after the accident. The accident may last for a few seconds but the effects may last for the rest of your life. In such critical times, it is best to file a lawsuit against the one who is at fault.

Why File an Auto Accident Lawsuit?

 Negligent drivers, irresponsible trucking companies and improper automobile industry designs are some top on the list. Lawyers of Columbus have to deal with these types of lawsuits each day. Filing a lawsuit against those responsible may help you in getting back on your feet and compensate you for the loss that has occurred. Filling a lawsuit is all about the skills and talent of the lawyer who is handling your case. car_accidentsHere at Pope Law, we provide you with the expertise and assistance of one of the best lawyers in Columbus, Georgia. At this law firm, Pope Law will make sure that anyone injured in car, truck, motor cycle, pedestrian or bicycle accident gets fairly compensated.Pope Law has an impressive history of providing our clients with desired results. We ensure your lawsuit is a strong one.

 There must a clear sense among lawyers handling auto accident lawsuits. A lawsuit is not always filed against the driver. It depends on the conditions of the accident. The accident might have been due to the negligence in sleep timings of truck drivers by the company. In that case, the trucking company will be sued. Poor car designs sometimes result in fatal accidents. In that case, the respective company will be sued. So a clear common sense and talent is an essential requirement in this area of expertise. Matt Pope has these qualities. He will handle all of your work reading filing of lawsuit. Matt Pope prepares a strong case and assists you in filing the lawsuit. He tries his best to do any negotiations over settlements in such a way that the profit to his clients become maximum and they are fairly compensated. If it comes to trial, you don’t have to worry as Matt Pope is a pioneer in the courtroom.

Auto Accident Lawsuits are Time Sensitive

Do not wait more than 6 months to file a lawsuit in case of personal injury! Give Matt Pope a try! Call 7063242321